Maintaining Outdoor Adventure Programs Kids Enjoy and Learn From

In 1998, after providing trips in Maine for 22 years, the founding members of Adventure Bound knew the cornerstone to a successful youth and family adventure center would be these three things.

  1. The staff would be carefully chosen and trained based on their desire to work with young people. We love the outdoors, but more importantly we love to share our knowledge and experiences with others.
  2. We would have a focus on adventure programs kids enjoy and learn from. We believe there is great value in visiting our lakes, rivers and mountains and want to share the skills needed to make these trips possible.
  3. The facility we stage our trips from would be geared specifically to a younger audience. This is no ordinary base camp. In order to guarantee an enriching experience for young people we have a strict policy of not allowing alcohol on our property.

Since 1998 we have been guided by these principles and are constantly working to improve on the experiences we share with our friends, old and new. Wondering about booking a trip for a school field trip or project graduation? Visit Schools Adventure Program for information about group vacations that cater specifically to youth and students.