We Offer a Full Range of Outdoor Adventure Activities 

Maximize your Maine vacation fun by adding any number of our adventure activities to your itinerary! We offer Ropes Courses, Rock Climbing, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Inflatable Kayaking, and Hiking trips

Our activities always succeed in providing extreme fun along with the physical and mental challenges that nudge kids of all ages toward the limits of achievement and excitement.

Keep scrolling to learn more about the activity options you can choose from! 

Ropes Course 

Featuring both low and high elements, including a huge swing and leap of faith jump, our ropes course includes both physical and mental challenges for the entire group, allowing each person to test their personal limits in a fun, supportive team atmosphere.


There are six low ropes elements that groups can chose from to warm up, get comfortable  working with each other, and hone their teamwork and communications skills. Participants engage each challenge as part of a group, taking advantage of each member’s personal strengths to complete the ropes element together.


High elements activities offer each participant an opportunity to test mental and physical limits against perceived risks in a safe atmosphere of support and caring. Our experienced guides work to familiarize each participant with the equipment and safety procedures involved, and foster the establishment of trust and the self confidence required when attempting high ropes elements.

We offer full and half day options for ropes courses 

Minimum of 8 people required – Programs are designed for group team building

Our ropes course schedule can be entirely custom to fit the wants and needs of your group but our typical schedule is as follows:

A full day of ropes course starts between 8 and 9 am with an orientation, and a warmup with field games. We then head to our low ropes elements and rotate through those until lunchtime. After lunch we will head up to our high ropes elements for the afternoon, starting with our partner elements, and ending with our swing and leap of faith. The day usually ends around 3 and 4 pm. 

A half day ropes course will start with orientation either in the morning, or at lunchtime, depending on the needs of your group. We usually spend an hour or so on low ropes elements, and then two or so hours with our high ropes elements. 

(subject to variation based on group size and weather)

Rock Climbing

We offer Outdoor rock climbing at our remote climbing site located on Moxie Pond. Learn how to belay your peers as they climb, and have a chance to rappel down a lakeside cliff! 

Our rock climbing trip is a full day activity that starts at 8am with orientation where you get gear and pack a picnic lunch. We drive up to Moxie Pond, where we hop in a boat with all our climbing gear and paddle 1/2 mile across the cove over to our site, where you will first go though a belay school and learn how to belay your friends and family members while they climb. While people are climbing and belaying, one of your guides will bring people up one at at time to rappel down the tallest part of our climbing face. Depending on the group size and how long people spend climbing, most groups get back to Adventure bound base around 3pm.

Due to the remote nature of this site, there is a maximum group size of 12 and minimum of 8 for our rock climbing trips.  There is a required 1/2 mile lake paddle to reach the site.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding + Inflatable Kayaking

Groups can go on an afternoon guided “SUP” or “ducky” trip, or families can rent their own boards and boats for the afternoon to float and paddle down a section of the Lower Kennebec River. You can stop for a side hike up to a cool waterfall swimming hole on the Appalachian Trail. 

The water is released from the dam at 10am and reaches this section of river around 12:30pm, making this trip ideal for afternoons. 

SUP and Ducky trips per person: $46

SUP and Ducky Rentals: $35 


kids kayaking in Maine
Contact us at 888.606.7238 or  Info@adv-bound.com to book your trip!

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