A new twist on teamwork

Based around the sport of Orienteering with little bits of Amazing Race, Survivor and The Da Vinci Code thrown in, the adventure center campus provides a fun and active setting for learning various navigation techniques and teamwork. Using over 40 acres of our lakeside property, this program will teach participants map and compass skills, GPS technology and efficient problem solving abilities needed to get to the bottom of each unique mystery.

Clues & Code-Cracking Creates a Youth Adventure Experience

These fun and insightful mysteries require you and your team to accumulate clues, solve riddles, crack codes, by-pass roadblocks and interpret puzzles to figure out the location of the final Treasure. Each clue provides a different challenge and once deciphered, will lead you deeper into the mystery. Work with the other teams; negotiate trades and share information, because you’ll need each other to get to the final treasure. Available as a full or half-day program. We can also come to your location and design a custom program at your site. Call for details.

Orienteering Scout Trips & Merit Badges

Boy Scouts: Full Day participants can earn the Orienteering Merit Badge.