Alex Blackie

Name: Alex Blackie

Hometown: Old Town, ME

Age of First Rafting Trip: 16

Year you started guiding at Adventure Bound: 2017

What type of guiding do you do? Raft, recreation, and sea kayaking

What do you enjoy most about working at Adventure Bound? The people that i work with and afterwork play runs

What is your favorite river to guide, and your favorite rapid on that river? The Kennebec and the alley way at flood stage

What’s your favorite AB memory? Running Maytag at 6300 in a 8 foot bucket boat

Where do you adventure when you are not working? Any other rivers and high altitude mountains around the world

What do you do in the off-season when you’re not guiding at AB? I’m a snow cat operator at canyons village in park city Utah

Tell us about any certifications, special talents, etc.: Level 2 whitewater, recreation, sea kayaking guides license. Proud to drive the best truck toyota makes, the tundra.

Alex Blackie

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