Alex Winn

Name: Alex Winn

Hometown: Camden, ME

Age of First Rafting Trip: Does my mom going rafting while pregnant with me count? If not, then probably 4 years old. My parents were both raft guides so I started rafting as soon as they felt I could. it wasn’t optional.

Year you started guiding at Adventure Bound: 2018

What type of guiding do you do?: Rafting

What do you enjoy most about working at Adventure Bound? Getting paid to go play outside on the river.

What is your favorite river to guide, and your favorite rapid on that river? The Dead has always been the most fun to guide because of the unique challenge of not having a set line to raft, unlike the Kennebec and Penobscot rivers. Mile long is definitely my favorite for that same reason.

What’s your favorite AB memory? It’s hard to think of a single one because I have been guiding for a few years and have done so many trips, but I’d say doing Penobscot training was an awesome memory. It’s a different river compared to the Kennebec and Dead and learning the skills to guide the Penobscot heavily improved my skills on other rivers.

Where do you adventure when you are not working?: I spend a good chunk of time adventuring to my full time job as a registered nurse at Maine general medical center in Augusta where I work in the float pool, which means I work on whatever unit needs staff on the day I’m working. I spend most of my time at the hospital working on the surgical floor caring for patients before and after major operations. During the summer, I also spend a lot of time skydiving and have traveled to southern Idaho a few times to go BASE jumping. IF timing and weather work out, I may go rafting and skydiving in a single day. In addition to the three rivers in Maine, I have also rafted the green river in Utah and the rogue river in Oregon.

What do you do in the off-season when you’re not guiding at AB? My winter time recreation is skiing, I always get the New England pass to Sunday River, Sugarloaf, and Loon mountain every year. Like rafting, I was also skiing at a very early age and that wasn’t optional either.

Tell us about any certifications, special talents, etc.: In addition to being an RN, I’m also an advanced EMT and a firefighter. I have done over 200 skydives and 30 base jumps. I play guitar, drums, bass, and piano with a focus on hard rock and heavy metal music.

Alex Winn

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